A Word From The Mayor
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WMalden City Mayorelcome to Malden, MIssouri

I would like to extend a gracious welcome to our city. If this is your first visit to our web site, we are grateful for your interest and hope we can be of continuing interest to you. Our city administrator, our city council, and I, as mayor, will be ready to assist you in any way we can.

Malden is a community located in what is known as the “Bootheel” of Missouri. If you look at a map of these United States, you will find us in that geographical anomaly that resembles a peninsula at the bottom of the State of Missouri. Malden is bordered on the immediate west by Arkansas and almost 40 miles to the south by Arkansas. About 20 miles to the east are Tennessee and Kentucky across the Mississippi River. Our area is unique in Missouri. Malden is located in one of the largest cotton and rice producing areas of the world. We are in the Delta of the Mississippi River Valley that stretches to the Gulf of Mexico. Because of the availability of fertile land, abundant water, and a central location, we offer many economic opportunities particularly in agricultural related industries.

Malden is fortunate to have a former U.S. Air Force Base that was given to us some years ago. It is now our industrial park and consists of 2,850 acres of land and one of the largest airports in the central U.S. The land can be leased or purchased with very favorable terms.

Malden is a medium-sized town in a rural area. Our nation is increasingly urban in character, but we still have the pluses of small town life. Life moves at a somewhat slower pace here and the cost of living is modest. Residential property is available at a fraction of similar properties in large cities. Our real estate tax structure is low. The City of Malden operates its own electrical, water, and sewer systems. In fact, we have the second-oldest publicly owned utility in the State of Missouri, having started ours in 1892. We strive to keep our utility costs competitive.

In the last few years Malden has constructed a new police station, a new nutrition center for its senior citizens, and has completely remodeled our downtown area. Our people are committed to a better community.

Our public school system has been awarded many honors by national and state publications. The student body has produced two national presidents and other officers of the National Beta Club, an honor society for top academic students. The physical plant of the school has been completely replaced in the last 20 years.

Malden has two institutions of higher learning. Southeast Missouri State University has a campus here. It is possible to attain a bachelor’s degree without leaving this area. Three Rivers Community College offers associate degrees in academics and certificates in technical training.

We look to the future and honor our past. We have been here for 131 years. The world has changed tremendously in that length of time, but we intend to adapt to our 21st Century life and would love to have you join us by visiting or living in our community. We will offer you a gracious welcome!

Ray Santie
Mayor, City of Malden, Missouri