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Malden Police Chief Jarrett BullockA Letter From Our Chief Of Police  

A former Chief with whom I served provided the following Chinese proverb, "A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses." As he and I both agree, this saying can be applied toward the way that the public perceives the Malden Police Department, and that is the way our department treats people. If this sounds like a simplification, it is only because the formula is simple. We talk a lot about the need to maintain a service of excellence and to exhibit a willingness to go that extra distance to help someone in need.

As an organization, we provide a valuable service and resource to the citizens of Malden. The quality of what we do is obviously very important, and the talent of our personnel makes the challenge to continue this commitment even easier.

What I think makes the difference is how our agency treats people and how we deliver our service: a simple smile, a friendly comment, sincerely showing our interest and concern for the public's needs. The Malden Police Department wants to demonstrate an obvious willingness to provide the service. If we follow the philosophy of caring, not only about the quality of service we provide, but for those individuals we provide it to, the experience will make each of us a better person for it. Remember, this is a commitment of all police officers because, while goodwill is achieved by many actions, one can lose it.

Jarrett Bullock
Chief of Police

Malden comes in at #23 in the top 50 Safests Cities in Missouri!