Airport & Industrial Park




Airport officeAviation:

Malden has one of the largest general aviation airports in the State of Missouri. Malden is listed in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems, which identifies airports that are significant to national transportation. Malden's two 5,000-foot (1,500 m) runways can handle most corporate aircraft. Click here for more information about the Malden Regional Airport (MAW).

Malden Air Base The Malden Regional Airport was an Army Air Corps Base and then an Air Force Base from 1942 to 1960, as operated by the military and then under civilian contract.. Malden Army Airfield Preservation Steering Committee (MAAPS) is an organization that works to preserve the past of the Malden Airbase. The MAAPS Military Museum is located in the airport's terminal building and MAAPS also maintains a Veterans Wall of Honor.

Rail Rail:

The Industrial Rail Spur into the Malden Industrial Park was completely rehabilitated with Federal and State Grants in 2011/2012. The one-mile Lead Track was updated with rail being 112# or better weight and the construction of new branches (1,200' and 815') were added to facilitate the maneuvering of railcars.  The Malden Industrial Park is serviced by Union Pacific Railroad.


Excellent highway accessMalden is located 21 miles West of Interstate 55 which runs North/South.  US Highway 62 and US Highway 60 both intersect with Interstate 55. US Highway 62, which is a “super two-lane”, intersects with Missouri Highway 25 at Malden. Missouri Highway 60 has been developed into a four-lane highway. State Highway J, which runs West of Malden, connects us with Missouri Highway 53 and US Highway 67.

The Missouri Department of Transportation awarded the designation to Crowley's Ridge as a State Scenic Byway in January 2000 and Crowley's Ridge has also been designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation as a National Scenic Byway. This Scenic Byway includes traveling on State Highways 25 and J Highway in the Malden area.

Malden is not a congested traffic area. We have excellent highway access as Malden is located where two major highways (US Highway 62 and Missouri Highway 25) intersect.