Water Supply

The City owns and operates its water supply, distribution and storage system. There are four (4) water supply wells capable of producing over four million gallons of potable water per day. The City has two elevated water storage tanks in its system with a total capacity of 625,000 gallons. The largest tank has a capacity of 500,000 gallons, 120.5 feet to overflow providing 52 PSI max and is located in the Industrial Park. The average daily use is 500,000 gpd with peak usage being 900,000 gpd.

The Board of Public Works is currently in the process of upgrading all existing water mains to ensure the quality of our drinking water and to match the already existing newly installed SCADA System. Contact the Board of Public Works at 573-276-2238 (email: cathymerritt@maldenmo.com) for more information.

Sewer Capacity

The City of Malden owns and operates a central wastewater collection and treatment system. The City is served by wastewater treatment facilities constructed in July, 2001, and designed to handle 680,000 gallons per day. 

In order to meet the ever changing requirements in the operation of our wastewater facility, the Board of Public Works completed the rehabilitation of the existing wastewater treatment plant in August 2013. The Board of Public Works has also completed the construction of a new lagoon facility and is now utilizing a land application system.