Cemetery Information

The City of Malden maintains four cemeteries within the city limits: Macedonia Cemetery, Park Cemetery, Rosewood First Addition, and Memorial Park Cemetery. The City of Malden strives to maintain and care for the cemeteries with respect.

City of Malden, MO Cemeteries (ecode360.com)

  • Full plot                         $400.00
  • Half plot (infant plot)     $200.00

Casket Opening/Closing:
  • Weekdays                     $325.00
  • Weekends/Holidays      $425.00

Cremations Opening/Closing:
  • Weekdays                    $162.50
  • Weekends/Holiday       $212.50

Please contact City Hall at 573-276-4502 Monday to Friday 8 am - 5 pm to assist with searches, purchases or scheduling.