Economic Development

Buildings and Land Available

The Malden Industrial Park has existing structures available for rent and land for rent or purchase.

A real estate brochure can be found at the link below, search for Malden Missouri
Economic Development
Land Available
The Industrial Park has land available, in various size sites, for industrial projects. The landotherland has an elevation of approximately 289-295 feet above mean sea level. The slope of large tracts of property could be estimated between approximately zero to four percent or less. 

Please feel free to call 573-276-2279 with any questions.

#252 Flight Line Building 2995 Mitchell Drive
building_252Offices and larger area for light assembly or classroom — no hangar area. 4,500 sq. ft. building located with access to the aviation ramp.
#354 Light Manufacturing Facility 1498 Spaatz Ave
A Portion of the block building(east half) measuring approximately 5,040 sq. ft., and officebuilding354 space. The area could be used for light manufacturing or assembly work.Ceiling height vars from 8' to 11'